The « faces » series was born first from a desire to explore a more voluminous approach to painting and drawing. This self-taught achievement allowed him to experiment with new mediums and artistic perspectives. The idea was to distance himself from his previous work to create something completely new and liberating for him.

Fascinated by the forest and trees, he spontaneously turned to wood carving. The wood used for the realization of his sculptures comes from logs, branches, driftwood, or dead wood recovered either during his travels and hikes, or directly in his garden. It is always a natural material that he recovers and reuses.

In his sculptures, Dorsan approaches the face as an obsession. He gives birth to his forms from quick sketches that will then be carved on the wood that he cuts with scissors and gouge. Faces usually invade the space given to them by their support. They sometimes escape, as if by necessity, from their rough woody cage.

The multiplication of similar faces as well as their accumulation reinforce this feeling of invasion. The thoughts, the ideas that arise in the mind define the concept of obsession in Dorsan that he translates through his faces repeating themselves again and again.

Make no mistake: these are faces carved in wood, not masks, often too anchored in the collective unconscious. The image of the mask can prevent the viewer from having a pure reading of the work uninfluenced by ethnic art. His sculptures have no function associated with any rite or cult. They exist on their own, and by themselves !

L A T E S T     W O R K S

T H E   S E R I E S


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